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A proven track record

Not a bank, so we can get creative

Traditional solutions only approve about half the patients that apply.

Though conventional  bank-backed  options help, they  only solve about half the problem.So healthcare providers are left with a large subset of their customers that don’t have a way to pay. When patients don’t have the cash or great credit, everyone loses.

Healthcare Finance Direct offers alternatives that take everyone into account.

HFD captures reasonable down payments at point of sale and provides each patient with an affordable monthly payment for their pay-over-time solution. On top of that, healthcare providers can protect their balance sheet by utilizing our non-recourse options so that cash flow is always on their side.

Higher approval rates, affordable patient terms, low cost to the provider, and an amazing patient experience – no strings attached.

A better choice for practices and patients

Approve 100% of patients

Provide affordable options to all patients and know they they will have an offer to pay-over-time.

Prioritize your objectives

Optimize for patient APR’s, merchant discounts, or approval rates – it’s up to you.

One easy application

Apply once, whether the patient is in-store or on-the-go. Or make it your own with a custom integration.

Dedicated support

HFD offers dedicated provider success teams to ensure practices get their patients approved.

Recourse and non-recourse

Turn your debt portfolios and accounts receivable into immediate dollars. We’re your dedicated capital markets team.

Our practice has been using HFD for many years now, however by offering secondary financing to our patients, we are able to save some sales that prime financing would not offer financing to. We have been able to supply our patients with an option of equal monthly payments, while not incurring additional overhead costs for administration of the plans.

Max Ratner, Financial Controller Demant

Running an application with HFD is extremely easy, which allows our team members to feel more confident in having those financial conversations with patients. Whereas, other financing options that we have utilized in the past can be cumbersome for our own team members, which does not pass down well to patients.

Clay Grossman, COO Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics

Healthcare Finance Direct supports many of our patients that struggle with hearing loss every day. It helps increase their quality of life by being able to hear better.

Kathrina West, Accountant Audiology Services Company