Pay Over Time for Every Patient

The easiest way to offer 100% of your patients convenient and affordable payment options

100% Approvals. Seriously.

No Hard Credit Checks

One Easy Application

Credit score shouldn’t determine your patients’ access to healthcare.

We’ve all been there: a patient is finishing up an excellent consultation. They’ve had a world-class experience and understand the need for treatment, when the conversation switches from their health and wellness to cost and price.

Traditional prime lenders reject more than half of your patients when they apply for treatment financing, based solely on their credit score. When affordability is the reason your patients leave with unscheduled treatments they’re health suffers and so does your practice. You could be leaving hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars on the table each year.

Payment plans for Every Patient built around your financial objectives.

100% Approval Rates

Provide affordable payment options for up to 100% of your patients and know they will have a pay-over-time option for treatment.

Affordable Patient Terms

Change the conversation from the cost of treatment to what a patient can afford to pay.

Low Cost to the Provider

Choose a financial product that meets your financial objectives by optimizing for patient APRs, provider discount rates, or patient approval rates.

Amazing Patient Experience

An easy and intuitive application workflow, world class servicing and support ensure your patients continue to have a great experience while paying over time.

A better finance option for patients and practices

You need an easy-to-use platform that provides all of your patients with affordable pay over time options, so you and your staff can focus on providing excellent care. And, you need a solution that meets your financial objectives, so you can maintain your profitability and achieve your growth goals.

Since 2009, Healthcare Finance Direct has helped dental, vision, audiology and non-invasive cosmetics providers with the ability


Patients Served

Since 2009

$1.2 billion

Treatment Revenue Generated

Since 2009


Approval Rate

Oct. 1, 2021 – Mar. 31, 2022

Our easy 3-step process for a provider finance program


Identify your Objectives.


Our consultants help you select a program or create one from scratch based on your needs.


Your Patients Apply Once. We Approve Them All.

HFD provides a single application workflow that approves all patients. We originate all contracts with terms based on the finance product you select.


You Get Paid. We Handle The Rest.

You get paid depending on the terms of your finance product. We service all contracts to ensure every patient gets the red carpet treatment.

Here’s what our providers are saying…

Pay Over Time optimized for your objectives, not a bank’s

At Healthcare Finance Direct, we understand how frustrating patient finance can be. You need a streamlined process that is simple to adopt at multiple locations. And, more importantly, you need a solution that will approve all of your patients, not just those with prime credit. When your patients can’t afford treatment, their health is negatively impacted and your business loses out. Your patients’ credit scores shouldn’t determine their access to healthcare.

Healthcare Finance Direct brings patients, providers and capital partners together and facilitates mutually beneficial finance offerings. Because we’re neither a lender nor backed by a single bank, HFD is able to custom tailor finance offerings to your goals and objectives. Let us know your patient financial headache, and we’ll find a solution.

We look beyond a three digit number and determine an individual’s ability to make payments. This allows us to approve up to 100% of patients, based on your goals and objectives and terms provided by our capital partners. The end result is a Win-Win-Win: finance solutions that work for patients, providers and capital partners.

Learn how Healthcare Finance Direct can help you offer every patient a Pay Over Time option.

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