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A proven track record

Not a lender, not a billing company

It’s getting harder for patients to pay for healthcare.

Medical loans help, but only for people with good credit — only about 50% of patients applying for these loans get approved. The rest either rely on the practice to foot the bill, or simply get turned away.

When patients don’t have the cash or don’t have the credit, everyone loses. Healthcare Finance Direct offers an alternative.

HFD generates installment loan agreements with your patients, allowing you to charge interest and mitigate risk of default. You don’t need to worry about collecting payments — HFD deposits them into your account daily taking less of a credit risk.

Offer affordable payment plans for all of your patients. Provide a better patient experience.

Turn a lose-lose into a win-win with Healthcare Finance Direct.

What this means for your patients

HFD creates a passive income stream for medical practices. Calculate what the average patient financing package might be.

What percentage of prospective patients do you see that convert to paying customers?


Default rate shown. Contact us to have a custom report created with rates that reflect your desired program.


Default rate shown. Contact us to have a custom report created with rates that reflect your desired program.


Default rate shown. Contact us to have a custom report created with rates that reflect your desired program.

Patient Financing Package

See what this means for your practice

Build your custom ROI report

A better choice for practices and patients

Stop turning patients away

A patient is more than a credit score. HFD helps patients afford your services and access the treatment they need.

Capture more revenue

Increase your bottom line by offering monthly payment financing options that work for everyone.

Cure your billing headaches

Installment loan agreements allow HFD to auto-debit patient accounts, making sure you get paid before Netflix does.

Create a better experience for patients and staff

In-house financing programs are expensive and inefficient. HFD gives you all the perks of flexible in-house financing without any of the hassle.

Don’t worry about compliance

Accepting 4+ payments from a patient makes you a lender in the eyes of the law. Billing companies can get you into hot water — trust HFD to keep you compliant.

Trust the underwriting pros

We go deeper than a FICO score. Because we like to say yes to everyone, we take a more detailed look at a patient’s ability to pay.

Explore monetization strategies

Turn your debt portfolios and accounts receivable into immediate dollars. Talk to HFD about our strategies for factoring and monetizing.

Our practice has been using HFD for many years now, however by offering secondary financing to our patients, we are able to save some sales that prime financing would not offer financing to. We have been able to supply our patients with an option of equal monthly payments, while not incurring additional overhead costs for administration of the plans.

Max Ratner, Financial Controller Demant

Running an application with HFD is extremely easy, which allows our team members to feel more confident in having those financial conversations with patients. Whereas, other financing options that we have utilized in the past can be cumbersome for our own team members, which does not pass down well to patients.

Clay Grossman, COO Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics

Healthcare Finance Direct supports many of our patients that struggle with hearing loss every day. It helps increase their quality of life by being able to hear better.

Kathrina West, Accountant Audiology Services Company

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