We believe in making healthcare more accessible.

In the United States, access to good healthcare can be expensive. Thousands of patients postpone the treatment they need every year because they lack cash or can’t access credit. At the same time, providers lose revenue because they can’t provide care for those patients.

We founded Healthcare Finance Direct with the belief that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our values inspire change

Our company values are more than just words on a website — they’re a living document, brought to life through the impact we create for our clients and their patients.

Expanding care, sustainably

We want you, the provider, to have the ability to treat every patient profitably.

Leave no gaps

We want to allow practices to offer patient financing options that won’t create undue risk for their business.

Empowering doctors to focus on treatment

We strive to take the burden off internal finance teams, so they can do more of the work that matters most.

The profitable pay-over-time option