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We are UP-GRADING and IMPROVING our customer experience and we think you are going to love it! HFD is excited to announce the release of our new 2.0 Provider Portal, coming January 2018!

At HFD, our customers and their satisfaction are what drives us to create systems and processes that integrate seamlessly into workflows. We listened to you and have been hard at work building and refining our processes to help ensure your experience with our program is simple and pain free.

Here’s what’s new inside your HFD 2.0 portal……

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Summary: HFD 2.0 Portal

We’ve added quite a few new improvements to your Provider Portal. Features include:

  • We have created an EASY APP that puts the application process in your patient’s hands, simplifying your workflows and freeing up your employee’s time.
  • PORTAL CUSTOMIZATION is now available, giving you the ability to upload your business logo and create a portal that allows you and your patients to feel right at home.
  • We have added some KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), to help you keep track and set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals for your team.
  • An Activity Stream has been added to your dashboard, allowing you to easily keep track of everything your team is doing.
  • There is now a PROVIDER ALERTS & UPDATES section located on your dashboard creating a convenient way to communicate any software updatesoutages or that an application needs to be activated.
  • To ensure no question goes unanswered, we have created ALL NEW Virtual & Video TUTORIALS, conveniently accessible from any page inside your portal.
  • MULTI-PROVIDER USER MANAGEMENT has been added, allowing providers with multiple locations the ability to manage users at each individual location.
  • There is now a PATIENT TIMELINE, empowering providers to stay informed on the sequence of actions taken on the account.
  • Providers can now add COMMENTS to a patient’s timeline, allowing even more visibility on a patient’s history.


Details of 2.0 Release. See What’s New!

     1. Dashboard Updates & Functions

We have improved the look and functionality of your dashboard, adding features such as useful KPI’s, an ACTIVITY STREAMPROVIDER ALERTS, and an EASY APP. We wanted to create a dashboard that acts as a true center piece of your portal, allowing you to see what your team is doing and how your program is performing right from your homepage. The navigation of your portal was something our team really keyed in on. We created a seamless way for you to navigate through your entire portal and never feel lost. The Navigation Menu, Help Tab and Header on your dashboard, all give you the ability to do so.


2.0 Dashboard.jpg


     2. Time Activity Stream

While creating version 2.0 we kept in mind that a lot of our providers have multiple locations as well as users submitting applications and working within the same portal. Knowing this we created a way for team leads, office managers, doctors and all other employees to keep track of all activity performed within your portal. The Activity Stream is updated simultaneously with every action taken, assisting with business management.


2.0 Team Activity.jpg


     3.Helpful KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Our reasoning behind the addition of the KPI’s were two-fold. We wanted to create a tool that inspired utilization as well as something that gives our providers the ability to set and gauge weekly, monthly and quarterly application progress. A little healthy motivational tool if you will. Great for “On the Go” reporting, these KPI’s are located on your dashboard as well as on your “Reporting Page” found in your “Navigation Menu”.


2.0 KPI.jpg


     4. Provider Alerts & Updates

Moving into 2018 we are enhancing the way we communicate with our providers and customers. Up-grading our communication tools will empower you with more real-time information and actionable intelligence in your patient finance platform. These “Alerts & Updates” include: system updates, real-time technical up-dates and statuses, activation reminders, scheduled trainings, special notes from your provider care representative, and much more.


2.0 Alerts.png


     5. Portal Customization

One of the newest features allows you to CUSTOMIZE your portal and put your brand on it. Up-load your logo and color scheme, creating a smooth transition from your site to your portal, helping to eliminate the feel of a “Third Party” interaction with patients. Simply put, we want our portal to look and feel like your portal….because it is.


2.0 Customization.png


     6. Virtual Tours & Video Tutorials

Check out our new tutorials and virtual tours on each page, they are a real-time guide to help you navigate through the patient finance experience. These updates provide excellent customer service at the click of a button. Sometimes you have a quick question, so we delivered a way to get you a quick answer. Each page has been updated with an easily accessible “Help Tab” where you will find: FAQ’s, a VIRTUAL TOUR, and TUTORIAL VIDEO that are specific to the page and action you are needing assistance with. Here’s to a more stress free 2018. These Tours & Tutorials may also be found in your Help Center, located in the Navigation Menu.


2.0 Help.jpg


     7. Multi-Provider User Management

We’ve added this feature to help enterprise level providers manage multiple locations and teams. We understand that each provider is unique, with some having a larger management workload, this function gives selected users the ability to manage their teams from inside their portal. This means if you’re in Florida, you can keep track of your patient finance program in California.


2.0 User Manage.jpg


     8. Patient Timeline

A Patient Timeline has now been added to provide a summary view of any action that has ever been taken on a patient’s account. Each action item is color and icon specific, making it easy to navigate through patient history.


2.0 Timeline.png

    9. Provider Comments

The function of Provider Comments has been added in the latest version, to allow any user to jump onto a patient’s account and pick up right where the other user left off. No more tracking down missing information or backpedaling in 2018.


2.0 Provider Comments.png


We are confident that these powerful improvements will accelerate your patient finance experience in 2018 and we are grateful for your feedback. Welcome to HFD 2.0.


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