How is Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) different from other patient financing companies?

Most patient finance lenders focus on approving patients in the “prime” credit category, which is traditionally above a 660 credit score. This means that healthcare practices are left with no affordable options for a sub-prime or no credit patient, even though they spent money to get them in the door.

We’re a fintech platform that brings patients, providers and capital partners together and facilitates mutually beneficial finance offerings for 100% of patients. No more sunk costs with declined-for-financing patients.

Do I get paid up-front?

HFD offers non-recourse (paid up-front) and recourse (paid as we collect) solutions. 

For our non-recourse option, HFD’s capital markets team is the providers advocate when it works with its P/E partners to price the merchant discount rate. Our 10 year performance data allows HFD to bargain for the best rates possible for the provider.


Do I have credit risk on patient receivables using the HFD platform?

If the provider chooses our recourse (paid as we collect) solution, the provider does retain the credit risk. HFD works with the provider to mitigate all risk through appropriate down payments, interest rates, and term lengths.

Is HFD a lender?

No, HFD is not a lender. HFD is a technology platform that allows the provider to originate retail installment contracts between themselves and the consumer. HFD then assists in the sale of those contracts with its P/E partners and services through maturity… lenders necessary.

All terms of pricing to the consumer and to the provider are agreed upon ahead of time. In essence, HFD is the healthcare provider’s outsourced capital markets team.


Who is Healthcare Finance Direct?

It doesn’t get more complicated than our name! We’re a patient financing company that works with healthcare providers of all sizes. 

When a provider sets you up for financing on our platform, we manage the financing side so they can do what they do best: treat you! Paying your bill with HFD is just as easy as paying for Netflix. 

My doctor signed me up for financing through HFD. How do I set up my account?

Creating a myHFD account is easy! 

  1. Visit and click “Create an Account.” 
  2. Plug in your information to get started.
  3. Use your myHFD portal to view your balance, make a one-time-payment, update your payment method, view your payment history, and more!

What is my application number?

In your myHFD portal, you can find your application number on the profile page. You can also give our customer care team a call at (661) 616-5203 or chat with a live representative! 

How can I push my payments?

As long as you are three or more days from your due date, you can request a payment pushout with our customer care team. Give us a call at (661) 616-5203 or chat with a live representative.

How do I change my due date?

You can change your due date by simply logging into your myHFD portal at and clicking on “Profile.” From the “Manage” tab, you can select your new due date! 

You can also get in touch with our customer care team, and they can help you make the change! Give us a call at (661) 616-5203 or chat with a live representative. 

How do I update my payment method?

When you’re logged into your myHFD account, click “view finance details” on your dashboard. Then, under payment method, click ‘edit’ and you’re done! 

Haven’t created your myHFD account? Create one today!

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