Identify your objectives

At HFD, we believe there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to patient finance. That’s why our consultants spend the necessary time up front to gain a deeper understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. We are truly Switzerland. We work with each provider to accomplish their objectives, not the bank’s. There are a variety of ways to think about patient finance, and none of them are wrong.

  • Maximize patient terms: Keep interest rates and down payments low, which drives volume.
  • Maximize provider terms: Focus on a lift in the discount rates you are paying to the lender without negatively impacting the patient.
  • Maximize approval rates: This is our personal favorite. Though lower margins, providers find a drastic decrease in customer acquisition cost due to a reduction in sunk costs from those that get declined.

 We also offer recourse options and can facilitate structured portfolio sales at a later date.


Your patients apply once. We approve them all.

HFD provides a single application workflow that approves all patients, including prime lender turndown options. We originate all contracts with terms based on the finance solution you select. Our platform supports many uses cases.

  • Point-of-sale: A treatment coordinator led process with an amazing user experience and minimal data entry.
  • On-the-go: A patient led process that allows you to connect with them wherever they are.
  • Prime lender waterfalls: There is one application necessary, even if there is a lender ahead of HFD. Schedule a call to see who we work with.
  • Custom integrations: When an out of the box solution isn’t the way to go, HFD can provide our API’s so that you can make the process your own.

You get paid. We handle the rest.

You get paid depending on the terms of the finance solution you select. We service all installments to ensure that the patient experience is upheld even after they are treated by your staff. Every patient get the red carpet treatment.

  • Auto-debit: Paying HFD is as easy as paying a streaming provider.
  • No early payoff penalty: Patients can pay off their balance at any time by doing so online or calling HFD support.
  • Self-service portal: Get the banks infrastructure without the investment. Patients can manage their payment methods and view account history online at any time.
  • Friendly email & SMS reminders: Patients get complete transparency on upcoming payments, recently processed payments, and payments past due.

What does it look like in action?

Read how all of this comes together seamlessly for a real-world healthcare provider.

How much is low case acceptance
costing you?