Invest in the right patients from the start.

We can’t see the future, but we have the next best thing — sophisticated underwriting. We ask the right questions and run the right algorithms to determine a patient’s ability to pay (with amazingly accurate results).

Our underwriting process goes way beyond FICO scores, considering gaps between jobs, even how many times a patient has moved — anything to give us extra insight into potential risk.


When you’re the lender, you earn the interest.

Your patients are asking for payment options. We’re confident they’ll pay with us. Why should you send them to a third-party lender who will take their interest payments for themselves?

Healthcare Finance Direct allows you to become the lender using a few
key strategies:

  • Signing patients to legally binding installment loan agreements (which allows us to auto-debit their account).
  • Creating a “payers cover the non-payers” model by charging interest to mitigate the cost of default.
  • Keeping you compliant with state and federal lending laws.
It works for the banks, why not you? Become the lender with HFD.
Debt Servicing

Consistently collect on patient responsibility.

Collecting payments can be unpredictable, but HFD has it down to a science. We service interest-bearing installment loans that actually get you paid.

  • Billing companies ask patients for money; HFD respectfully takes what’s yours by regularly auto-debiting payments from patient accounts.
  • HFD offers a customer portal that gives patients full transparency about when we’re auto-debiting payments, how much they’ve paid so far, and when their next bill is due.
  • In cases where we can’t auto-debit payment, we deploy an expert collections strategy that includes email, text, and phone calls.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about managing the collections process. On average, HFD collects the full principal on 93% of bills across hundreds of thousands of accounts. Interest rates are engineered to help cover any accounts that may default.


Get money in the bank!

  • HFD deposits payments straight to your checking account a week after the patients payment is successfully debited. We only get paid when you do, and we take a percentage of each payment as we collect it. There are no other fees.
  • Our fees are covered through the interest you earn through the program, making us effectively fee-free. You will never lose money financing a patient with HFD.
  • Plus, we provide a report accounting for every cent of principle, interest, fees, and timeline for payment every week.

Get paid faster when you need it.

Lenders pay practices up front, which is great — but that’s where the list of advantages ends.

Most lenders take around 10% off the top and keep the interest for themselves, and for patients they deem “high-risk,” they might take 40-60%.

But we get it — you need to get paid sooner rather than later. Well, you have options.

When you place patients on installment loan agreements, you can collect on that debt for a short period of time, then sell the debt for more money that you would have otherwise earned. HFD handles every part of this process.
If that’s not immediate enough, HFD offers even more alternatives for getting paid ASAP.

What does it look like in action?

Read how all of this comes together seamlessly for a real-world healthcare provider.

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