In search of a better way

Healthcare isn’t getting any cheaper…

High-deductible plans have grown 240% since 2000. Insurance companies are are difficult to work with and selective in their payouts. Patient responsibility is growing, and they’re demanding more affordable payment options.

Healthcare providers are struggling with this new reality. They want to treat patients, but they need to get paid to do so.

Patients can sometimes qualify for a loan from a traditional financing company. But many patients are denied, leaving it up to the practice to either provide in-house financing (and take on high delinquency rates and major billing headaches) or turn the patient away. 

What if there was a better way? What if healthcare providers could offer flexible payment options and know with certainty that they will earn more than if they hadn’t. What if all it took was just a minute or two of patient interaction?

There is a better way. It’s called Healthcare Finance Direct.

The proof is in our data.

Out of a sample of 20,000 patients, we found that patients that had no credit score paid their bills just as well, on average, as patients in the 575-599 range (considered “fair” by many metrics).

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Lending compliance, collections, complicated financing applications...We’ll deal with all of it.

Start saying yes to patients now and actually get paid for it. HFD gives you everything you need to make it happen without administering your own billing or training staff on difficult software.


So you need financing for a medical expense? Now what?

Sometimes the only thing worse than having a medical issue is dealing with a large bill. Transparent financing options give you one less thing to worry about.