Stop turning patients away.

What if the cost of care wasn’t $3,000, but $98/month?

The biggest reason patients leave without treatment is lack of financing. The biggest reason providers let them leave is fear of not getting paid.

Let Healthcare Finance Direct solve this issue, and watch your market size increase as you make healthcare more affordable.


Capture more revenue.

Treat more patients. Earn more money.

By offering pay-over-time financing, you can expand their market, actually collect on patient responsibility, and earn interest to hedge risk.

HFD pays practices every day directly to their bank accounts. Stop turning patients away and start collecting revenue with Healthcare Finance Direct.


Create a better experience for patients and staff.

Finance administration is a chore. HFD makes it simple.

We help you get away from the pen-and-paper billing, endless phone calls, and uncomfortable conversations that come with in-house financing.

Our technology provides a simple application process, 24/7 patient portal, and intuitive admin tools. Unlike practice management software, HFD’s tools only take a few minutes to learn.


Cure your billing headaches.

We collect in full on 93% of bills across hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Here’s the first law of financing: if it’s hard for patients to make payments, you’re not going to get paid. Healthcare Finance Direct makes the bill-paying process completely painless for patients, with auto-debiting and an always-available payment portal.

If a card doesn’t go through, we communicate through convenient channels like text, email, automated calling, and human-operated calling — we’ll even send smoke signals if we have to.


We’ll worry about lending compliance so you don’t have to.

HFD keeps practices away from the long arm of lending law.

Billing patients is one thing; generating compliant loan agreements is another. These agreements are the cornerstone of a successful healthcare finance model, but generating them involves clearing some regulatory hurdles.

Keeping you compliant is what we do. Focus on treating your patients and leave the hurdles to HFD.


Trust the underwriting pros.

Your patients are more than their credit scores.

Relying on credit scores only to determine risk is an archaic process that keeps patients from getting the treatments they need. At HFD, approval is bigger than an algorithm. We look at a patient’s entire credit profile, not just FICO.

Stop submitting multiple financing applications and trust our proprietary underwriting process to get you the right patients at the right rates.


Explore monetization strategies.

Sometimes you need revenue right away.

While typically more profitable in the long run, offering pay-over-time financing requires you to carry some accounts receivable.

At times, your business needs may require you to get paid up front and all at once for that debt. We get that, and we offer options to make it happen.

Custom solutions to boost your bottom line

Get customized payment plans, workflows, and dedicated support for you and your patients.